Culture and Ethos

Culture – Core values

Player Parent Coach
Hard Work Success does not happen over night, hard work is not just physical but also mental Understand that Hard work does not instantly yield success in the match arena It is not just the role of the player to work hard, the coach must work harder and lead by example
Respect Respect your opponents, the venue, spectators, rules of tennis / engagement, the excellence and success of others The efforts and achievements of others, that success on the court is not always measured by wins The player’s values and needs. All players are individuals and their journey may be different to others
Openness to learning Skill acquisition can be gradual and only through practice and experiencing a mixture of success and failure will you succeed Acceptance that your journey is different to that of your child CPD and accreditation are necessary regardless of your qualification and experience
Acceptance of Change Change can only truly be understood once it has been experienced, embrace change and trust in those who believe it is necessary Performance levels may drop when learning a new skill or making changes to technique and during physical development Just because it worked with one player does not mean that one size fits all! Be adaptable and always put the player first
Game for life – The journey It’s not just about winning or trying to turn Pro, there are many other pathways beyond competing It’s not just about winning or trying to turn Pro, there are many other pathways beyond competing The person you are working with could one day be working with you
Growth mindset Extra time and effort leads to higher achievement


Extra time and effort leads to higher achievement


Extra time and effort leads to higher achievement


Acceptance of others Acknowledge when someone is playing better than you and remain respectful when playing weaker players in matches and training There will always be a top player in a group session, everybody has a part to play in the development of others whilst also developing their own game Value the opinions of fellow professionals, players and parents. Accept that each player may have different goals to achieve within tennis

The core values of the programme are constantly reinforced by the Coaching Team and are ever present on the walls of the Indoor Tennis Centre. At Bradfield we strongly believe in the Player, Parent Coach Triangle and through this we feel that our values can be upheld across the programme.

The Coaching Team are appraised every 6 months and the values which underpin the Culture of the programme are constantly assessed.

Culture – Environment

Bradfield Tennis Centre offers a welcoming environment to players of all ages and ability, a great example of the feel a visitor would experience at the Centre would be at 9 am on a Saturday:

Court 1 – Hi5 tots tennis and Red Development

Court 2 – Red Development players and Red Competition players

Court 3 – Adult Cardio Tennis

Clay 2 – 121 lessons

Clay 4-6 – Possible Adult / Junior Club matches

The Centre is absolutely buzzing on Saturday mornings and most days from 16:30 – 21:00 with coached sessions. Whenever the general public are not on court the College pupils access the facility either for team coaching, performance sessions, club sessions and 121 lessons; the Indoor Centre currently runs at around 86% capacity

Culture – Welfare & Safeguarding

The Welfare Officer who acts on behalf BCEL is on site 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) and is therefore easily contactable

The safeguarding and Welfare procedures and contact details are incorporated within our T’s & C’s

A copy of our T’s & C’s can be found on our members page

The Coaching Team must all keep their Safeguarding up to date as part of their LTA Accreditation and it is also a contractual requirement between the coach and the College / BCLTD (Bradfield Commercial LTD.). There is an annual Safeguarding presentation to all staff each year.